Roofing Materials Worth Considering According To Roof Installation Services in Scranton

Have you realized that it’s past due to replace your roof? If such is the case, let us first state that you made a wise decision. Too many homes make the error of delaying a necessary roof repair, and as a result, they wind up paying a greater price by having to deal with extra water damage that might have been avoided entirely. So as roof installation services in Scranton, we commend you for your proactive insight!

One of the first judgments you’ll need is which roofing materials are suitable for the project. Thanks to contemporary roofing material technology, you have a wide range of alternatives. You are not required to use shingles on your roof, even if it currently has shingles. How do you choose the right top for you? Learn more about the characteristics and advantages of the various residential roofing materials on the market today by using this informative overview from your friends at J.C.S. Building & Remodelling.

Several roofing materials for houses to think about

 Asphalt shingles

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In America, asphalt shingles continue to be the most used type of roofing material. They are well renowned for being readily available, reasonably priced, and quite simple to install. Additionally, more expensive architectural shingles should last much longer than regular 3-tab shingles. Shingle roofs may also be repaired a little more easily than certain other roofing materials.

 Wood shakes

Western red cedar is the most frequent type of lumber used to make wood shakes, while other varieties are sometimes used. For usage in commercial roofing, shakes are split from actual logs and then shaped. Wood shakes are praised for their more natural appearance and have been used on roofs for generations. To make them less flammable and more resistant to deterioration, today’s shakes are additionally given a preservative and flame retardant treatment. Roof installation services in Scranton also appreciate how environmentally friendly it is to cover their roofs with trees, a renewable resource!

 Clay tiles

Earthen clays are shaped into repetitive forms and baked to create durable clay tiles. These tiles are renowned for providing dependable defense against the sun, rain, strong winds, and other harsh weather. Although clay tile is not inexpensive, it can easily last up to 50 years or longer. Additionally, clay typically requires less upkeep than other roofing materials. Clay has the disadvantage of making your roof heavier, which sometimes necessitates adding additional supports to the structure supporting your roof.

 Cinder blocks

Concrete tile will function and survive in the same way as clay tile. Concrete has the benefit of being less expensive than clay. Additionally, concrete is available in a broader range of profiles and colors compared to clay. Contrarily, concrete tile is heavier than clay, necessitating additional roof supports. Additionally, because concrete has a propensity to absorb water naturally, maintaining concrete tile on a regular basis is necessary.


Slate is one of the most exquisite and long-lasting forms of residential roofing materials in the eyes of roof installation services in Scranton. It is simply a material that is waterproof, pest-proof, and fire-resistant. Slate is a costly material to work with and to buy, but it will last a very long time with its inherent beauty and performance value intact. If you’re careful to fix any damaged pieces along the way, a slate roof will probably be the last roof you ever need to have. Not all roofers have the equipment or expertise to handle slate effectively, but a specialist like J.C.S. Building & Remodelling can undoubtedly control your roofing needs.

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