Home Additions & New Home Construction in Scranton, PA

New Home addition Sometimes, when you’re creating the perfect home, you come to find you’ve done everything you can with the space you have. So, what do you do when it still feels like something is missing? The solution, fortunately, is simple—expand!

Individuals, couples, and families are constantly growing. Therefore, it often makes sense that the place you call home needs to grow with you. At J.C.S. Building & Remodeling, we will work with you to design and construct the perfect new home addition or brand-new house to meet your current and future needs.

Home Addition Construction for Scranton Homeowners

Expanding your house is a big investment in terms of time, money, and energy. That’s why you need to hire a team that will stick to your schedule, budget, and who you know will get it right on the first try. With home remodeling and construction services backed by our first-time guarantee, that’s something you don’t have to worry about when you work with J.C.S. Building & Remodeling. Our guarantee is our commitment to adhere to your schedule without sacrificing any of our superb workmanship or attention-to-detail in your new home addition.

Our experienced contractors can build out all types of major and minor home add-ons in Scranton and North East, such as a new garage or bedroom space addition. We are also skilled in quality siding, door, window, and roof installation for home exteriors in need of just a few additional touch ups to achieve a polished finished product.

New Home Construction in Scranton, North East, and Surrounding PA Areas

Even after several home additions or remodeling projects, you may start to feel that you and/or your family have outgrown your current space. If that’s the case, why go through the trouble of searching through the market for the home of your dreams, when you can just have it custom built instead?

At J.C.S. Building & Remodeling, we can design and construct a new house from the ground up, exactly as you envision it. Our engineer consultant will work with you to design the blueprints for your new home or implement any blueprints you already have to the exact specifications given. Our construction team will make sure your newly-built Scranton home is up to code and surpasses every dream and expectation you have for it.

If you’re finally ready to invest in a new addition for your home or begin the process of building your own custom house anywhere in Scranton or throughout North East, PA, look no further than J.C.S. Building & Remodeling!

Our home additions and custom-built homes are designed to stand the test of time, providing you with a quality place to call your own for years to come. We look forward to helping you tailor your brand-new space to your unique needs and preferences.

Contact us today to get started with a free, no-hassle estimate for your project!