Tips For Selecting The Right Scranton Roofing Company

One of the major exterior building components, a new roof system is expensive, one of the few that must be installed primarily on-site, and it depends on perfect installation for long-term performance.

The deck, insulation, membrane, and flashings are just a few of the parts that make up the roof system. All of these parts must work in perfect harmony with one another. Premature failure is caused by the improper use of any of the system’s components. Because of this, the success of the system’s service life depends on the contractor’s choice. Here are things to think about while screening and selecting the best Scranton roofing company

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Financial Strength

Request from the contractor the company’s financial documents for a time frame you find appropriate (typically three to five years). Be sure the contractor has the resources necessary to finish your project and is financially sound. When a project gets longer, financial stability becomes increasingly crucial. It will be challenging to find another contractor to complete the project if the first one cannot. A fresh contractor is unlikely to take on any risk or accept accountability for any work that still needs to be completed. A manufacturer can also decide not to offer a warranty in light of these facts.

A financial list of references from the contractor’s principal suppliers, such as material producers, equipment providers, disposal services, and distributors. The finest estimate of their genuine financial status might be given by the vendors they regularly work with.

Service Record

Scranton roofing company had a poorer track record for customer satisfaction than cable companies. This attitude has evolved due to competition, economics, and greater industry professionalism. Most roofing businesses have separate service divisions that care for minor fixes, leak fixes, and routine maintenance on finished roof areas. This is an important quality to search for in a contractor, especially if a warranty is offered. To maintain the warranty, all manufacturers demand that the owner maintain the roof system annually. Because the actual installer has a stake in the roof’s long-term functioning, it is advantageous to the owner if that firm also maintains and makes repairs to it after installation.

Find out the contractors’ service fees and turnaround time once a leak is reported during the bid process. That should happen right away or, at the very least, within a day.

Safety Record

The most crucial elements for all trades on all construction projects are now safety training and job site safety. Safety is critical to roof construction because of the nature of the labor. Verify that the contractor has a formalized program for safety training and that all on-site roof mechanics have received the necessary instruction. Most construction projects also call for daily safety talks to go through all safety standards before the workday begins. The management of your company or your insurance provider could demand that the contractor follow specific safety protocols.


When selecting the roofing contractor that is best for you, always seek deck replacement in Scranton, PA quotes from a few. You can choose the contractor with the fair, mid-range quote or the best pricing and availability. If you have the necessary funds, you might prefer the roofer with the most expensive estimate and 20 years of experience installing the desired roof type.

No matter which bid you select, check the credentials of your roofer.

There may be fewer local contractors to pick from if you already know what kind of roofing you want. Asphalt shingles can be installed and repaired by most roofers, while materials like cedar shake, clay tiles, and natural slate are less common. Specialists are needed for specialized designs like solar shingles or green roofs, which may be challenging to locate in remote regions.

When a roofer visits areas severely damaged by storms and strong winds, door-to-door bids can be predatory. Before accepting a proposal from a Scranton roofing company that wants to fix or replace your roof, examine their credentials, insurance, and references.

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